Here you have the finest selection of vintage sunglasses in the world… How can you be so sure? You ask: well, since Vinyl Factory is the vintage sunglasses brand for music-lovers, it naturally commissioned some of its greatest stars – ones called Jimi, Amy, Kurt, John, Lou, Janis, not to mention new recruits Lemmy & David – to look anywhere and everywhere; and they’ve all come to the same firm conclusion: there really is no finer collection of vintage sunglasses than Vinyl Factory. So now you know you’re in the right place, and your only problem is too much choice… it goes without saying that things will be complicated because you’re not going to know what to look at next … All the same, you have to admit there are worse ways of spending time than choosing vintage sunglasses, don’t you? So best of luck, and remember to change your mouse hand now and then: you don’t want to get cramp…